The 10 keys to Ageless Living and Prolonging Vitality.


Have you decided how you want to age yet?

Are you just going to let nature take its course and hope everything is going to be ok?


Do you intend to look great for your age, be the sort of person who refuses to accept being old for as long as they can?

Personally I have no intention of “aging gracefully”, it just doesn’t sit well with me.

I want to fight off the aging process until I have no fight left.

What about you?

Are you happy with how you look and feel for your age?

Do you look in the mirror and think who the hell is looking back at you?

I know I do and it sucks.

But hey we can´t stop getting old I accept that, it happens to us all.

I am in my late forties now and it is in this decade and the next that many people seem to start accepting the aging process and allowing themselves to start becoming a shadow of their former self.

I think this is just crazy and far too young to be thinking like this especially in today’s world where there is so much information and options available to stay fit and healthy.

Please,please decide now that you will plan on working hard at staying young.

But not because of vanity or trying to live in the past.

Do it because you want to stay healthy and vibrant for as long as possible.

So that you always have options and the ability to do what you want.

This is so important but you don´t realise how much until it is taken away.

We can now choose how we age.

There are many famous quotes about aging but one of my favorites is by Francis Bacon a famous English statesman and philosopher who said of getting old

“I will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am”

This probably got a good laugh all those years ago.

But, now it is reality.

We can turn back the clock.

We can slow the process down.

Moreover, we can lead full and active lives well into our eighties and beyond that people, 100 years ago could only dream about doing.


This is not hype or bullshit, it is real, but you have to realise something.

If you want these things such as

The best quality of life possible

To stay looking younger 

To enjoy good health and avoid disease

To feel like you are always aging 15 years behind everybody else

You’re going to have to work for it!

Yes, there always people who seem to defy the odds and live to a ripe old age doing no exercise,eating, drinking and smoking what they want.

We would all love to be like that, but were not

For most of us staying fit and healthy requires investment.

It requires work, discipline and mental toughness.

If you are reading this over forty you know how harder it has become to keep your figure compared to your 20´s and 30´s

Life back then was easy, just skip a few meals, hit the gym for a bit and like magic, everything was back to normal.

That doesn´t happen anymore and I´m afraid it won´t happen again.

So what to do about it.

Do you take the easy path like most people and let aging take its course.


Do you accept what needs to be done and embrace the journey ahead?

Set yourself some high standards and commit to sticking with them.

Be the best you can for as long as you can.

Be a role model and inspiration to your friends and family.

Watch your kids, grandkids and even your great grandchildren grow up.

Enjoy many more days in the sun with the people that matter most.

This can be a reality if you’re willing to put in the work.

Celebrities understand what is takes to stay young.

If you ever wanted to see a group of people trying to fight off the aging process with everything they have then look no further than film and TV stars

We all seem to be fascinated by how they are aging and use them as inspiration for ourselves.

There are a lots of women in Hollywood who look great for their age.

But let´s be honest, most of them have had some “work” done.

Plus every time you see them in a magazine the images are all “doctored”

However regardless of all of this if their bodies are still in great shape.

The reason for this is very simple.

They work damn hard at it.

They watch what they eat and they exercise a lot.

In fact if you ever read an article about their “regime” more often than not it will consist of them being on a strict diet and doing lots of exercise.

For us it can seem a little extreme but for them it is work, their livelihood depends on it.

jennifer aniston

Image courtesy of Marie Claire

Women such as Jennifer Aniston seem to defy the aging process but there is a lot of work goes in to staying like this.

What we can take away from their example is that the way they look does not happen by accident.

And this applies to you. If you want to stay young you have to earn it.

Now you may not have the genetics a lot of these stars have or the resources available that keep them so young looking.

But you can still look great by doing the right things and doing them regularly.

You might still look your age and there is nothing wrong with that, most of us do.

Just make sure you are the most strong and vibrant woman  at your age you can possibly be!

Getting your body in really good shape keeps you looking young, vibrant and attractive.

Sure you may not beat wrinkles and obvious age patterns.…but when your body is strong and fit it looks, feels and functions decades younger than your actual age.

Where a lot of people miss the point?

The majority of people especially women focus on diet alone.

Nutrition is vitally important for staying young and healthy and should be your number one priority.

However exercise is what truly slows down and reverses the damage to your body caused by the aging process.

If you are not doing regular exercise your body will just age normally.

All types of exercise is important but there is one in particular that really does let you reverse the signs of aging and keeps your body looking young.

Discover the 10 keys to staying young and prolonging vitality

As you can imagine one of the big topics in scientific research is the understanding of why and how we age and what can be done to slow the whole process down.

Genetics obviously play a key role and if you were born with genes that contain the biological markers associated with longevity there is a good chance that you will live to a ripe old age.

Unfortunately, there isn´t much we can do about this.

We either have them or we don´t.

However, the good news is other biological markers associated with aging well and longevity are related to your environment and lifestyle and therefore within your control.

As you are aware, regular exercise is vital to slowing down the aging process and reducing the risk of premature death.

Study [1] after study [2] shows that regular exercise is a critical lifestyle choice to make for slowing down the aging process and increasing your chances of avoiding disease and living a long and full life.

We all want great health and a long life but if we can, we want to remain as young looking as possible as well.

A healthy diet, great skincare regime and the odd surgical tweak here and there can keep you facially youthful but to have a body that looks and moves much younger than it is, you need to maintain good levels of muscle mass.

If you examine anybody who has a physique, that looks ten or even twenty years younger than their natural age, they have a good level of muscle mass.

Muscle gives you posture, shape and a firm strong appearance we associate with youth.

Put simply if you want to stay looking good naked then you need muscle.

However, having muscle is not just about vanity, it´s far more important than that.

In fact, if we want to age well, enjoy optimal health and maintain our quality of life as we get older then it’s an absolute necessity.


Breakthrough Study reveals the ten biomarkers for longevity.

In 1991, two professors at Tufts University released a book called Biomarkers that examined the aging process and revealed ten biomarkers associated with staying young and maintaining vitality.

These are:

Lean body (muscle) mass


Basal metabolic rate

Body fat percentage

Aerobic capacity

Blood pressure

Insulin sensitivity

Cholesterol/HDL ratio

Bone density

Body temperature regulation

In the book, they claim the aging process and the level of health you enjoy depend on how well you control these ten factors.

The authors also state the first biomarkers of muscle mass and strength are the pivotal markers that the rest depend on.

Once these start to weaken and decline then all the others will start to follow.

This connection between muscle mass and longevity has claimed more scientific support since the publication of the book. For example in 2014 the results from a comprehensive study [3] where released that concluded there was correlation between levels of muscle mass and longevity.

The study monitored over 3600 men and women aged over 55 and 65 respectively between 1988 and 1994. After analysing all the data, they conducted a follow up study 10 years later in 2004. From the results witnessed here came to the conclusion that the “greater the level of muscle mass the lower your risk of death”

More studies such as this [4]and this [5] are also concluding that lean mass index i.e. the ratio of lean muscle to fat mass is a better indicator of longevity than BMI where overall weight compared to your height is measured.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware of how important maintaining muscle is for staying younger looking and extending life as well.

This is why they start gaining weight and slowing down as they start to lose muscle due to the aging process.

The natural loss of muscle mass begins in our 30´s but really starts to accelerate in our 50’s with an average decrease of rate of 1–2% [1, 2] annually. Strength levels also suffer with around a decline of 1.5% per year between the ages of 50 and 60 and 3% per year thereafter.

This decline in muscle mass has a big impact on how we look and function but the great news is you can slow down this decline and even reverse if you start early enough by following the appropriate fitness and diet program.


The best exercise for staying young and vibrant

Because of the importance of maintaining muscle mass, weight training should be your number one choice in any fitness program.

Cardiovascular exercise is important for overall health but weight training focused on improving muscle mass and strength is central to staying young fit and healthy.

Along with keeping your body looking young, weight training has other major benefits for staying lean and healthy as well.

Reduces Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is a big problem as we age and especially during menopause. Regular weight training can help keep you insulin sensitive [6] by stimulating muscles to absorb glucose during and after a workout. Muscle tissue absorbs the majority of sugar in the blood so the more lean muscle you have the easier it too control blood sugar levels. Being able to a deal with blood sugar more effectively requires less insulin, which in turn decreases your resistance to it.

Help Fight Osteoporosis

Along with muscle mass, bone density also decrease with age especially in women. [7]Weightlifting can help fight this by keeping bones strong by forcing them to adapt to the stress caused by using weights.

Improves Heart Health and Reduces Blood pressure

Studies have linked [8]weight training with decreasing blood pressure and improving arterial blood flow so reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and strokes.

Helps Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Regular weight training can reduce [9] the risk of breast cancer by helping reduce body fat and decreasing high levels of estrogen both known to be high risk factors in developing the disease.

Boost youthful hormones

As we age the hormones associated with staying lean and strong such as growth hormone and testosterone decline. Regular weight training can elevate and maintain hormone levels [10]allowing us to build keep building muscle and burning body fat.

Keeps you mobile

By maintaining muscle mass, good bone density and overall strength your mobility and functionality remain intact. [11] Staying mobile and functional keeps your quality of life high as you get older and less vulnerable to accidents and falls that often associated with getting older.

Helps you stay lean

When you have good levels of muscle mass, your metabolic rate stays high meaning you burn more calories at rest. Combine this with increased insulin sensitivity elevated fat burning hormones and increased fitness levels you have a much greater ability to manage body fat levels. [12]

Benefits of strength training

This is why research is now starting to promote strength training as an important exercise component for women dealing with the changes that occur during menopause. [13]

But it´s not just the body that benefits from strength training there are positive mental affects as well.

Mainly that training with weights increases your self-esteem and confidence.

Once you realize what you’re capable of doing in the gym this transfers into other areas of your life and gives you more confidence to tackle other challenges or experiences

There is nothing more uplifting to your self-esteem to watch and feel yourself becoming leaner firmer and stronger and you can achieve this at any age.

For example, this study [14] took a group of men and women aged over 90 and divided them into two groups. On group performed a resistance based strength program for 12 weeks while the rest of the participants were part of a control group. At the end of the study the strength-training group all had positive results “muscle power output, muscle mass, muscle tissue attenuation”.

This highlights the power of strength training and how accessible it is at any age.

If people are able to build muscle and strength in after 90, imagine the results you could get if you started doing regular weight training workouts.


After examining the research available there is no doubt to me that weight training is a key activity for staying young and leading a long and active life.

Combine it with good nutrition and regular cardiovascular exercise and you have the ideal foundation to turn back the clock and slow the aging process to a crawl.

Strength training with weights has always been associated with vanity and having a great body but if offers so much more in terms of your health and overall quality of life.

If you want to start turning back the clock, looking younger and staying healthy then I highly recommend including some type of resistance training 3 x per week into your lifestyle.

It´s not easy but like I said before if you want to slow down the sands of time and keep your body youthful and vibrant you have to work for it.

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