5 Reasons That Will Make You Start Doing Exercise Today


Is life getting in the way and stopping you training?

Have you lost a bit of momentum and started missing workouts telling yourself you will get back into it next week or next month?

Can you not be bothered or find the motivation to even start?

We all face these challenges and dips in motivation but the main reason behind this behavior is just haven’t got the results you are happy with and don’t have the deep down underlying belief that you will get there one day.

You might think it but you don’t truly believe it and this is what leads to inconsistency and a lack of focus.

When you have that belief, when you experience results you never thought you could your mindset changes. All the excuses that seemed to trip you up before don’t seem to matter as much anymore because you overcame them and realized how good it feels to have the body, strength, health and confidence that you have always wanted.

Once you taste that you don’t ever want to go back to how things where before.

But when you are still trying to reach this place and not seeing the breakthroughs you want then yes, the foods you have been avoiding suddenly start being eaten again.

You start going out drinking more with friends, your bed becomes a lot harder to leave in the morning, and there are some really good shows on TV you can’t miss.

All these excuses not to train and stick with your diet are always going to be with you.

If you don’t have that strong mental resolve and real inner belief about what you are trying to achieve they will get the better of you.

Now nobody is a complete robot, everybody has times when life or emotions take over and the healthy lifestyle takes a back seat.

The trick here is to try and limit this disruption and get back to the place you where before and keep moving forward.

In this article I just want to share a few things you can remind yourself of and use to keep motivated when it seems that everyone and everything is trying to distract and derail your progress. 

Training gives you an amazing high and sense of wellbeing.

We have all experienced the “buzz” after a great workout and the tremendous sense of wellbeing and achievement from “giving it our all”. The chemical release and positive state we achieve from exercise feels tremendous and make dealing with everything else in our lives so much easier. How many times have you told yourself that you love being like this and don’t ever want it to stop.

You have to keep hold of this thought and use it to stay strong in the face of temptation and get yourself back to your training. You are the best version of you when you are doing regular exercise and challenging yourself on a regular basis, so remember this when the will to put the work in is starting to wane. 

Exercise gives you self confidence

Training with weights and doing high intensity cardio as we preach on this site not only builds and shapes your body but it also builds and shapes how you feel about yourself.

Yes some people take this too extremes and there are plenty of examples of this around the internet. However for most people being stronger, fitter and leaner just gives them a healthy and more self assured attitude that people respond too.

The success that you experience when getting in shape can transfer to other areas of your life as your new confidence helps push you on and gives you an inner belief that you can do anything you want once you set your mind to it.

Exercise makes you look and feel sexier


Hey we all want to look better and be more attractive and this is probably the prime motive most of us get into exercise in the first place.

Once you embrace the training lifestyle then other elements become as important as well such as getting stronger, feeling fitter and having more energy. But there is no doubt having a great body does wonders for looking and feeling more sexually attractive.

It feels great to be able to wear the clothes that show off your curves and physique and have the appreciative glances that come your way.

And it doesn’t matter whether you are single or in a relationship sexual attraction is important in both helping find a partner and keeping them.

This is what the correct diet and training program do for you if you stick with it. Over time you will transform yourself into that confident and sexy person that you have always wanted to be.

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Exercise makes you stand out

Not only does training give you the body and confidence that people notice but it just sets you apart from most people because not many have the discipline and willpower to even start doing never mind sticking with it.

This is especially evident with women because most women have not discovered the joy of weight training or are just overawed by the challenge of it.

Just having the discipline and level of motivation to get up early in the morning and do a workout before work or head off to the gym after work when most people are heading to their sofa or the bar makes you stand out and gain respect.

People notice this level of commitment because it says so much about your character and it can help attract positive and important people into your life who understand this type of behavior and the endeavor and discipline that goes with it.

I am absolutely convinced that training hard, eating the right diet and getting in great shape gives you the edge in life and if you want,it can take you to a new levels you didn’t think possible. 

Exercise develops mental toughness

As I just touched on training and following a diet plan develops discipline and mental toughness that most people just can’t achieve.

The ability to say no (most of the time, no one is perfect) to some event or party or to overcome the voice in your head that is telling you to sack the gym and stay in bed and keep doing it on a consistent basis develops mental toughness that can become one of your great strengths in life.

If you go through the lists of successful people whether it be in sport, business or any field one of the common traits they all share is mental toughness, the ability to push on, keep going when things are against them and never give in until the job is finished. This is how extraordinary things are achieved and why people who possess this trait tend to have the most success and recognition in life.

In a nutshell if you can toughen up mentally, push through resistance, make sacrifices and stay consistent in your actions your life will be better for it.

For most of us we won’t have some great mission, sporting goal, adventure or endeavor to cultivate our mental toughness but we can us the gym and our training to help replicate this process and transform our mental state.

So the next time you want to blow off a workout and go to the bar or you would rather watch some mindless TV than going out for a run remember that not only are you weakening your body but your mind as well. 

Prove them all wrong

The five reasons to get motivated and back on track I have just outlined should be enough to get you fired up itching to get in the gym.

But if you need a little more fuel to spark the flame think about this.

I want you to prove then all wrong….show them exactly what you are capable of.

I know we start a healthy lifestyle for ourselves but a part of us also wants to prove to others that we can do it as well.

If you have been trying to change your lifestyle and body for a while but with not much success, we have all experienced the looks on friends, family and coworkers faces when we tell them we are on a new regime and this time we are going to do it. You just know they don’t believe you.

Or maybe you have seen your friends laugh and tease when you have succumb to temptation and fell off the wagon so to speak and quickly remind you that “ I thought you were going to be good” or even worse “I knew this wouldn’t last”

Well if you are sick of being this person and proving them right then use this as motivation and let it fuel your desire to prove them wrong.

Imagine their faces when you stop giving in to temptation, when you stop making excuses and finally one day have the body of your dreams. Now wouldn’t that be sweet

Honestly keep that image and use it next time you feel like giving the gym a miss. Works for me every time.

So…you ready to go the gym yet?….I am. 

Final Thought

I don’t care what anybody says about staying healthy and having to sacrifice some of the so called pleasures in life a lot of the time.

I don’t care if people think my life is boring and that I am missing out because “you only live once”

Because, being strong, fit, lean and healthy is amazing and I love it!

I know you do too otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article.

So embrace the challenge, except the struggle and make the commitment now to yourself that this time you will not stop, you will finish the job and you will show the world the real you.

I believe in you, its time you did too.

Now let’s go and do this!!

This video illustrates the last point here and shows you the power of a made up mind.

If anybody has their own exercise motivations or can think of others that would be good to include please share in the comments below.

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As always thanks for taking the time to read this article and visit my site, I really appreciate it.