7 Step Formula for Weight Loss Success – Important Please Read


If you have ever tried to lose weight before ,break a bad habit or try to start a new one and failed miserably then I urge you to read this post and take notes so you don´t forget.

What I have for you today is a 7 step formula that you can apply to any area of your life that you want success in. As this is a fitness based site then I will relate the concept to losing weight but you can apply this formula to anything you are trying to achieve.

I wish I could take credit for this formula but I can’t.

I learned this not long ago from a guy called Craig Ballantyne who I follow on the internet as both a fitness and business mentor.

Although I have read stuff like this before regarding self motivation and achieving success in your life this simple formula really resonated with me and has started helping me enormously so I thought I would share it with you.

One concept I have learned from Craig is that “success is simple once you accept how hard it is”

Motivation and success concept with motivational quote

Now, Craig is not saying that having success is easy because if it was life would be a breeze but what he saying is that the concept of it is simple which a massive difference is.

Achieving success can be broken down into a formula but to make this work you have to accept there will be sacrifices to be made and develop a mindset that no matter what happens you will not stop until you reached the place where you really want to be.

Once you have developed this strong mental focus and accepted that the road to success will be tough then you are ready to apply the 7 step formula outlined below.

Formula Success- Outcome Goals +Process Goals + Action + Accountability + Support + Incentives + Deadline

Let’s break all these down and relate them to trying to lose weight.

However you can apply this to any goal in your life.

1.Outcome Goals – This is the place where you want to finish. If you need to lose 10 pounds before a holiday in 4 weeks time then this is your outcome goal.

2.Process goals. These are simply the things you are going to do to achieve this goals. For fat loss we are talking about doing your workouts, planning and sticking with your nutrition program, stopping drinking and being more active every day.

3.Action. This is the tough bit. This is where all the planning and dreaming become reality and you take action every day to make your process goals are met. This is when you have to make sacrifices, fight back against resistance and overcome lifestyle obstacles that will undoubtedly come your way.

Consistent, correct action is what separates the great bodies from the nearly or not quite. I know from experience when I have been sat on a beach unhappy with my body the one thing I always think is that I should have done more,….taken more action.

With regard to action I was reminded from Craig about a concept I had almost forgotten about but have seen time and time again and it can be the difference for many of you that are struggling to keep on track and that is

“Success Comes in Spurts”

I am sure you have tried to lose weight before and no matter what you did nothing really seemed to be happening; in fact you might be in this place right now.

If you are do not stop.

success comes in spurts

I know it’s hard to stay motivated when nothing is happening but only by keeping going and staying true to your vision and process goals will you finally reach that next level.

We have all gone through this at some point and it is painful.

I have had lots of clients who were just like this. But it was the ones who kept going that turned up every week that worked hard on their diet that said no to the social invites that all had that sudden explosion of success.

All at once the fat starts dropping off and it stays off. Every week your body looks different and you start to see muscle definition you thought wasn’t there. Clothes that were tight now are loose and you start to get compliments from friends and family.

This does happen, I have seen it and experienced it myself but it only comes when you keep taking action, moving forward, never giving up.

To help you do this you need the final 4 steps of the formula and these are ones you need to stick with the first 3 steps and make your transformation complete.

4.Accountability – Being accountable to someone for your actions plays a big part in your chances for success. This is why people who hire personal trainers often have more success with fat loss. Apart from the fitness coaching having to report to somebody every week keeps you focused and accountable for when things haven’t gone well. Now it doesn’t have to be trainer but you do need somebody who you can report to who will give advice, support and keep you on track.

5.Social support – This ties in with accountability because whether we like it or not we do need the support of others to get success. So ask for support from family and friends and if possible other positive people who are going through or have been through the same journey as you.

6.Incentives – Most of us are motivated by some form of incentive so we need to include these in our steps to success. Depending on what you respond best to choose either a positive or negative based incentive. So you can either decide to reward yourself with some form of treat when you hit a target or punish yourself by stopping doing something you enjoy until you hit your goal. Of course this takes self discipline but once you have decided to stick with it you can find it act as a powerful motivator.

7.Deadline. This is a very important step and one that many people overlook. When I took on a PT client and they told me that they had to be x pounds lighter by such a date then I knew my job was going to be a a lot easier than someone who just turned up and told me they want to “get in shape and tone up” .

Without a clear and realistic deadline people tend to lose focus and not stay serious enough about their goals even though they really want to see the results.

If you can set a deadline with a clear objective i.e. be ten pounds lighter by March 4th and make it public to all your friends and family I guarantee you will reach this goal so long as you have the right program to follow.


So there you have it a simple formula for success that if you follow every step you will see amazing results in whatever area of your life if you apply it.

Please read through this again and let these steps sink in.

Then look at your own situation and see if you how many you have actually in place working for you. The less you have the harder you will find it to make any real or lasting progress.

In fact I will say if you don’t have at least 4 steps in your plan it will be almost impossible. 

This is important so it is worth your time figuring out how to put all this together.

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