6 Ab Exercises To Transform Your Core in 30 Days (No Crunches Allowed)

ab exercises for a stronger core

Are you bored of your ab workout or just not feeling like your abs are getting a good workout? This is a common problem caused mainly by the fact that people are doing the wrong type of exercises and are not properly stimulating the whole of the core area properly.

What I see typically is many people doing countless crunches or worse still using the ab rocker machine Yes you might feel the burn while doing these exercises but doing these alone is not going to give you the results you want.

When doing ab workouts I recommend doing exercises that not only stimulate the core muscles but also raise your metabolic rate so that you get the added benefit of burning off the excess fat around your belly which is the ultimate goal if you want a toned and flat stomach.

Ab workouts are generally seen as something you fit in at the end of your workout but I think they should be part of your workout especially if your goal is fat loss.

However to achieve this double benefit of working the abs and burning fat at the same time you need to be doing certain types of exercises.

Here are 6 to get you started that you can use in one big routine or split them into 2 smaller ones to be performed after your main resistance or cardio workout.

1.Mountain Climber– Yes we all know about mountain climbers but are you doing them properly. Most people do them with their hips too high and without fully bringing the knee up to the chest.. Get onto the floor with your hands flat and your feet placed as though you are about to do push-ups. Then, with your abdominals contracted and your hips kept flat, draw one knee up to your chest and back. Now do this with your other leg. During the movement really focus on your abs and keeping your body stable.

Here is my demonstration of a mountain climber and how to start if your a complete beginner.

2.Side Plank Dips. – A side plank is a great exercise and works the oblique muscles really well. Once you have mastered that and can do at least a 45 second hold on each side then consider adding in some side plank dips. The main issues here is to keep your body straight with your glutes contracted throughout the movement and control your body as you lower to the ground, At the top of the movement you want to contract your obliques and go straight into the next rep.

3.Lying leg extensions

4-Wood Chop Side . This is a good demonstration but if you haven’t done this before practice without weight until you feel comfortable with the movement. The main thing here is not to be round the back as you bring the weight across your body.This can be done with a dumbbell, medicine ball or with a cable machine. If you have problems with your lower back avoid this exercise.

5.Stability Ball Rollout – When you get this one right you will feel a great stretch through the whole of the abs. Make sure to keep your hips and back straight as roll out the ball and take care not to round your back at the end of the roll. Start with small movements to just engage your abs then as your strength improves roll out the ball further.

6.Stability Ball Jack-Knives. This is a little advanced but highly effective movement. If you haven’t done this before just practice putting your feet on the ball and holding that press up position. Once you can do that for at least 30 seconds without the ball moving then start to bring the movement into it.

Here is a quick video where I demonstrate both these stability ball exercises.

A core workout for the next 30 days

If you are doing these exercises as full workout here is how I would set it up for starters

Mountain Climbers – 20 Reps
Side Plank Dips – 10 reps each side
Lying Leg Extensions – 20 Reps
Stability Ball Rollout – 15 Reps
Wood Chops – 15 each side
Jacknives with stability ball – 15 reps (if you can’t do these just hold the starting movement for 30 seconds at least)

Do the entire circuit two or three more times, stopping to rest for a minute in between needed.

I hope you enjoy these fat burning ab workout and feel how much better it is than ab machines or crunches.

Using these type of exercises with an intense fat burning workout and clean diet you can take inches of your waist in just a matter of weeks.

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