7 Tips to Getting a Younger Looking Butt – Woman Only

best butt exercises for women

Everybody likes to have a nice shaped butt right?

The trouble is as we get older it starts to change shape and lose the firmness that we used to have in out twenties and thirties.

In fact here is an image of how your butt can change with each passing decade. This is taken from an article on Cosmopolitan which you can read is full here.

Now if all that looks rather depressing the good news is that you can slow down and even reverse this process depending how old you are with the right type of training and of course diet.

To get you started (and the younger you start the better) here are my top training tips for a younger looking butt.

Best Exercises for a Younger Looking Butt

Without doubt the best exercises for keeping your butt firm,shaped,toned and strong are resistance based.  Using free weights, machines your own bodyweight or a combination of all three is the best type of training you can do. Personally, I have seen the best results using free weights and if you can I would use them as the main part of your butt workouts.

If you are just starting out then the machines in the gym and bodyweight exercises are fine but eventually you want to be adding some free weight exercises into your routines.

Here are my top 5 butt shaping free weight exercises in no particular order:

1-Reverse Lunge

2-Goblet Squat – All type of squats will work your glutes but not everybody can do a squat properly.Goblet squats are a great place to start and learn how to perfect your form while avoiding injury. Once you can perform these properly then think about trying a harder variety of squat using a barbell.

3-Step Ups

4-Deadlifts – This is a advanced exercise for most people so I recommed learning how to do them properly using dumbbells rather than a barbell. Not to be performed if you have lower back problems.

5-Hip Thrusters -Start with just using bodyweight as shown in the video below and then add in resistance using either a dumbbell or barbell.

Although these are in my opinion the some of best exercises for training your butt there is no one perfect glute exercise for everybody.

Different body shapes and genetics will mean some exercises will work better for some people then others.

That is why it pays to use a variety of exercises in your routines and really focus on improving your technique and form in each exercise so that you get the most from your workouts.

Here are some more training tips to help you see better results from your glute training.

1-Use enough resistance. 
With regard to weights use as much resistance as you can without compromising form. Exercises such as glute raises and back extensions are ok for beginners with low strength levels but if you have some level of experience you really want to be doing exercises with a decent level of resistance.

2-Train throughout a full range. To really work your glutes hard and get them to develop you need to do your exercises with a full range of movement. This means getting low when doing any squat or lunge type movement and using higher boxes or benches for step ups. To achieve this full range of movement in a controlled motion it may involve dropping the weight you use and working on your flexibility.

3-Mix up your workouts.Like any muscle group you want to develop you have to incorporate different training variables into your workouts to stimulate all the different muscle fibres. This means using high reps, low reps , supersets and various rest intervals.

4-Work on relieving tension and improving posture. If you have a lot of tension in the lower body and poor posture your ability to perform many butt shaping exercises will be compromised. Proper stretching on a regular basis is a start and working on your posture especially when sitting down.

5-Consider regular sports massages . If you have been training for any length of time there is a good chance you may have developed scar tissue. Likewise if you suffer with a lot of tension from having to sit down a lot or from excessive repetition on certain body parts you may need some work to relieve this.

Soft-tissue body work such as Active Release Techniques and deep sport massages help  deal with tension points  and other issues that interfere with range of motion and muscle fiber activation.

6-Stop the long aerobics workouts.To improve the shape of your glutes you need to train them like any other muscle. Doing long distance aerobics on a regular basis will hamper this development as they will be over trained. If you want to do cardio to manage your body fat levels then stick with higher intensity short interval type workouts that require more explosive power from your glutes.

7-Consider Cross Training. If you look at a lot of athletes you will see many of them have great glutes. For example sprinters, gymnasts and skaters all have good glute development from doing their respective activities.

Therefore if you want a change from the gym look at starting some similar type of activity and enjoy learning a new sport while building up your perfect butt.

A Sample Butt Workout.

Using some or the exercises I mentioned above here is a quick butt workout to get you started.


If you want to keep your butt looking younger then your going to have to put some hard work in.

Proper glute training does play its part but it must be combined with good nutrition and healthy weight management.

Like any body part if you reduce body fat you will probably find that it is not as bad as you thought, and the same goes for your butt.

If you are carry too much fat in this area then your glutes are just not going to look the way you want.

If you combine weight management with a training program that uses resistance on your legs and glutes you would be surprised just how good you butt looks if you dropped down to a lower body fat level.

Although you might not be able to reclaim the butt you had in your twenties if you follow the tips above you will see a big difference in your glute development and have your friends asking you what your secret is.