5 Healthy Eating Habits for Consistent Weight Loss


I have found that it you are to have any chance of getting lean then a large part of this process is about changing bad habits for good ones. This is especially true with nutrition where adopting healthy eating habits for weight is absolutely essential when it comes to seeing the results you want

This can involve swapping one type of food for another, stopping snacking at certain points of the day or controlling the size of your portions at meal time. The problem is that many people try to change everything at once, realise they can´t keep it going and become disheartened and fall back into their previous routines bringing any progress to a grinding halt.

I can´t tell you how many times I have taken on clients who against my advice have gone very extreme with their diet in the hope of losing weight quickly only to find that within a few weeks they are struggling to cope and end up having a severe blow out.

Losing fat in general should be approached with the mentality of taking your time and making small yet consistent gains over a certain period of time. Therefore you should apply this strategy to creating healthy eating habits to lose weight and instead of trying to change everything at once in your diet just make small changes every week.

If you can do this consistently then you will find that over time all of these new good habits will come together and you will be losing weight without even thinking about it. You will also find that these new healthy eating habits are now the norm in your life and maintaining your weight will be much easier to do.

I know this sounds a little simplified but honestly if you can keep starting new good habits while slowly phasing out the old bad ones then you will definitely see a major positive impact on how you look and feel.

To get you started here are just a few healthy habits to lose weight I have adopted over the years that have and continue to serve me really well.

refined carbs

1-Phase out all processed and refined carbohydrates

If you start to adopt a Paleo style lifestyle you will do this naturally due to the nutrition framework that the Paleo diet promotes. Before I started eating a more focused Paleo diet I was a carb addict and would have them with every meal but the when I started to cut them out I saw immediate results. Now I don´t mean going completely no carb but just being more selective about the carbs you eat which is what the Paleo diet will help you with.

For example a good healthy eating habit would be replacing your boxed cereal in the morning with fresh fruit or organic eggs. Another good one is to drop any refined carbs such as pasta or rice from your evening meal and replace them with more fresh fibrous vegetables or sweet potatoes


2-Include more vegetables in your diet

I know you have seen this a million times but are you doing it? The more vegetables you have in your diet the leaner you will be. Not only do they give you lots of nutrients and fibre they are low in calories and don´t raise your blood sugar levels dramatically.

Most people I meet who are struggling with their weight do not eat enough veggies and therefore find it harder to control their calorie intake. With regard to weight loss the ones I have found work best are cruciferous (broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) but to be honest eat as many different varieties as you can


3-Add only healthy snacks to your daily diet.

I think snacking and snacking on the wrong foods is one of the main reasons why people gain and fail to lose weight. A big reason for this in my opinion is that many of us only register the food we eat at normal meal times and discount a lot of the little snacks that we munch on during the day.

We then sit there scratching our heads wondering why we are not losing weight.

Having snacks between meals can help with losing weight as they can help boost metabolism, reduce cravings and keep your blood sugar levels steady but only if you choose the right foods. Some good choices are nuts, fruit and chopped vegetables. If you decide to have a packaged healthy snack check out the nutrient content before consuming as many are laden with sugars, salts and other ingredients that should be avoided.


4-Eat more Protein

This is another area where people seem to come up short. Now you don´t have to shovel protein down like a pro bodybuilder but you should be including some form of foods high protein with every meal and snack. Eating adequate amounts of protein may not only help with lean muscle development but help with weight loss. Check out this article for more benefits from including more protein in your diet.

liquid calories

5-Reduce Liquid Calories.

Like many snacks the calories that come in the form of drinks can slip through the net undetected. Obviously you should be avoiding all high sugar sodas and limiting alcohol consumption if trying to lose weight but I would also cut out (or cut back dramatically) fruit juices and any energy drinks that you may be taking.

Although the juices do contain many beneficial vitamins and minerals many are loaded with sugar and extra calories that can hamper fat burning. Stick to water as much as possible and if you must have a soda go zero calorie and keep it to no more than a can a day.

There are loads more healthy eating habits for weight loss I could mention here but I think if you can get start working on these over the next few weeks you will see great results.

Also if you have any questions about healthy eating habits for weight loss or have your own you can share please leave a comment below.