5 Reasons Why Everybody over 40 Needs More Muscle

muscle over 40

Want to know the secret to looking younger and living a healthy life.

Well its not some fancy cream or incredible supplement but it is something everybody has, but for some reason many people tend to ignore it’s importance.

What am I talking about?

Muscle Mass

Yes,if you were to increase your muscle mass even by just a small amount it can have an amazing effect on your body and instantly give it a younger look.

One of the big principles I preach on this site is that more men and women over 40 (especially women) need to be doing regular weight training and start building some muscle on their bodies.

Honestly, if you only follow one training tip from all the information on this site it should be that you must be training with weights.

The weights will help you build lean muscle which in turn will give your body shape and put curves in all the right places so you have that all over toned and healthy look.

Along with giving you more attractive body resistance training is also fantastic for your overall health and helping hold back or even reverse the signs of aging.

So if that wasn´t enough incentive here are three more important reasons why I am begging you to start building muscle and make it the foundation of your fitness program.

1. Muscle helps make your body look Leaner

When you increase muscle mass your body composition improves.

Many well known fitness experts such as Charles Poliquin, have stated that when you add more muscle to your body you will lose the equivalent in body fat.

For example if you gained just 3 kilos of muscle in say a 10 week period then in the same period (if your diet was good) you would expect to lose 3 kilos of fat.

Now this may not seem a lot but when the weight loss is pure body fat the effects are absolutely amazing and your body will have people looking at you in awe.

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2.Muscle helps with improving insulin sensitivity. This is because having muscle means more insulin receptor sites in your body. Having more of these will help make your body more sensitive to insulin and help you deal better with any insulin surges in the body. As we know too much insulin in the body will result in fat storage so the better your body can deal with it the leaner you will be and the easier it will be to keep the fat from returning.

3. Muscle makes your body function better.

The extra strength and power that muscle can give you will make you function better in your daily life. Not only that but muscle will improve your posture and increase your balance and flexibility levels.

Another important factor is that muscle will strengthen your bones as well leading to a reduced risk of osteoporosis in later life.

All this extra functionality means normal tasks will become easier and you will find you can start pushing yourself more to do stuff that you thought was beyond you.

This new found ability is very empowering and will boost your confidence and self esteem.

4.Muscle mass is linked to a longer life.

Research has connected high levels of muscle mass with increasing the potential to live longer. One of the study’s co authors a Dr. Arun Karlamangla stated “In other words, the greater your muscle mass, the lower your risk of death,” ……”Thus, rather than worrying about weight or body mass index, we should be trying to maximize and maintain muscle mass.”

5. Muscle Makes You Look Good Naked

But finally and most importantly for many of us having more muscle makes you look better without any clothes on. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that there is a lot more to attraction than just looks.

But, based on just physical aspects alone I believe that a body that has a good balance of muscle mass all over is generally more attractive and generates more self confidence.

The good news is that you don’t need to build a lot of muscle mass to increase your sex appeal.

women and muscle

Important Training Advice for Women.

Women generally shy away from using weights due to the mythical fear that they will bulk up and start looking too masculine.

This is just not the case because physiologically for a woman it is very difficult to add large amounts of muscle mass because of the hormonal set up they have.

Now I am not saying it is impossible but for most women adding too huge amounts of muscle mass will never be a problem.

However If you find that after training for a while you are starting to get more muscle than you intended all you have to do is stop and change the way you train.

That is the beauty of training with weights …you have complete control over how you shape your body. Want a strong hard body without gaining size then use heavy weights for low reps

Want to add some bulk certain areas to enhance your shape then increase the amount of reps and sets in each workout.

Also ladies forget about using little pink dumbbells here …I am talking about using proper weights here.

In Summary 

If you want to transform your body where your legs are firmer, your waist is thinner, your shoulders have more shape and your arms don’t jiggle about then the first place to start is training with weights and starting building some muscle.

Listen anybody can lose weight…all you have to do is starve yourself and move around a bit more. But this doesn´t last and it doesn´t give you the body you want.

I promise you now if you haven´t used weights seriously before you are going to be amazed at how your body will look after just a few weeks of training with them.

Not only that but when you understand how to train properly and smart you will build a physique that is strong, mobile and able to perform at a much higher level than somebody who doesn’t uses weights.

This is will give you a massive advantage in staying younger looking and enjoying a much higher quality of life as you get older.

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