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visual impact for women review

Visual Impact for Women Review

Up to the last few years the fitness industry has not really been focused on providing fitness programs that are specifically designed for women. What we have seen are generic fitness products that seem to be aimed at men but are ok for women to use as well.

Now men and women should be following the same type of training up to certain extent but there are a few differences that need to be addressed and catered for.

One of the big differences is the ultimate goals of men and women with men looking to add lots of muscles whereas with women they want to be smaller and less bulky.

Now I know lots of women like to have hard, muscled body like you see on many fitness models which looks great if that is the physique you want to achieve. Check out this picture of a great looking fitness model body.

lower ab workot

I think this girl looks great but for many women this would be seen as too bulky.

I have spoken to many women about this subject and I believe most women don´t want this much muscle. Yes they want a firmer, more athletic physique but they don´t want to bulkier look that you see on the picture above.

I think that the physique many women are after is something like this.

Now I know this girl is pretty young but what I am trying to show here is the difference in physiques.

In the first picture the girl has a very muscular look with obvious muscle mass, while in the other picture the surfer girl has an athletic shape but her body is more firm than muscular  has less muscle definition and dare I say it looks a little more feminine.

If this is the type of look you prefer then the good news is you don’t have to be a hardcore surfer to achieve it.

You can build a body like this using good old fashioned weights and cardio training and but using a certain strategy that is taught in Visual Impact for Women.

The author of Visual Impact Muscle Building for Women  named Rusty Moore also realized that many women wanted to take up weight training but were concerned about becoming too bulky.

This is why he created the program to “help a huge portion of women who want to be fit and healthy, while still looking “slim and feminine…………the number one complaint women give about working out is the fear of getting muscular and bulky. Nobody has addressed this head on…Until Today!”


The Pros of Visual Impact for Women

I think one of the big positives from the program is that the author is in tune with what exactly a lot of women are after when they want to change their body some of which has been ignored by the fitness industry.

The fact is not all women want to look like mini versions of men and this is explained well and dispels some of the myths surrounding training programs especially with resistance training.

For example do you know that to get firm and add muscle definition without bulking you need to use heavier weights?
He also goes into detail about why women find it harder to lose weight than men due to less flexibility in their daily calories totals and comes up with some smart solutions to get round this.

One chapter deals with an issue that is very rarely discussed and that is for women who actually want to lose muscle especially in the legs and hips. If you struggle with slimming your thighs down then this will be a great help for you.

Other interesting topics include why yoga which is very popular with women is a great program to follow but when it comes to losing fat is not going to help you that much.

There is also a excellent strategy for dropping between 5-10 pounds quickly if you have to go to a party or have left it too late before a trip away.

The program itself is pretty straightforward and easy to follow with one designed for doing at the gym and for doing at home although you will need a small amount of equipment.

What I also like is that Rusty stresses that the workouts are not set in stone and can be tweaked or adapted to suit your lifestyle and goals.

The emphasis here is too teach you how to train yourself properly so you can continue to manage your body for as long as you want rather than just do a program and be left not knowing what to do next.

The Cons of Visual Impact for Women.

For me I would have like to see a more in depth analysis of nutrition as I know that this an area that most people are interested in ie. A set of sample meal plans would be useful.

The program does come with an exercise library which is extensive however most of the demonstrations are from men and there is no order so you can check out the exercises in each workouts plan together.

Also i think a video of each resistance workouts would be of benefit.

What you Get with Visual Impact for Women

Just to go over what you get if you decide to purchase the program.
• A 89 page ebook that contains all the chapters and a description of each resistance workout.
• A Cardio Manual: This is a 12 week “progressive cardio” course, designed to help you get as lean as you want depending on your goals. This covers some advanced concepts such as HIIT, VO2 Max Cardio, “Pyramid Intervals”, Aerobic Intervals, etc.
• Exercise Manual – A very extensive book including photos demonstrations of exercises and not just the ones contained in the workouts. This means you can start creating your own workouts once you understand the principles behind the program.
• Workout Charts: Each workouts comes as a printable page so you can print it out and take it down to the gym or use at home.

In Summary

Although the program has a few weak points overall this is a solid program that is followed properly will deliver results. Rusty has a great style of writing and has a entertaining way of explaining concepts to the reader which makes the program an interesting read that you can refer back to time and time again.

For women looking for no nonsense program that shows you how to get a defined yet feminine body then I highly recommend this product.

My Visual Impact For Women Bonus

So if you decide to purchase this program through my review I want to offer you a bonus.

Bonus 1 – 6 weeks of done for you paleo focused meal plans that are designed for you to lose fat and lose it quickly. These are perfect for dropping body fat without losing muscle.

Bonus 2 – Access to a set of new workouts I have designed to help you both lose fat and build muscle tone at the same time. The workouts come with instructional videos and printable worksheets.

These are great for after you finish visual impact for women or as an alternative when you don´t have much time to train. There is also a series of home bodyweight workouts that are great to use as high intensity cardio finisher after your weight workouts.

To claim these bonus offers all you need to do is click on the link below, purchase the product and then send me a copy of your receipt to Once I have verified the sale I will send through your bonus material immediately.

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